How to Get Your Lowest Vinyl Siding Cost

Installing your own vinyl siding is a great way to save some money, but just because you've eliminated labor costs doesn't mean you can't save on siding cost as well. There are various ways you can get lower vinyl siding prices for your DIY project and even if your savings are only minimal, when added to your labor savings the overall cost reduction can be substantial.

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How to Save on your Vinyl Siding Cost

In some ways buying vinyl siding is a lot like purchasing a car; when a certain model doesn't sell well the dealers often offer discounts, and buying several cars may qualify for a special fleet price. When you're getting ready to purchase your vinyl siding consider these tips for lowering your siding cost:

  • Style and Color. Not all colors and styles of vinyl siding are popular with all people; ask the siding distributors in your area if they have any colors or styles they might be willing to deal on. The siding or color they mention could be your favorite or if the price is right, it could become your favorite.
  • Volume. Most siding distributors offer a volume discount to customers who purchase a lot of siding on a regular basis. If you know any siding contractors, ask them to add your order to the next order they place. Or if you have several friends thinking about vinyl siding, ask the distributor for a discount based on everyone purchasing from them; even a 5 percent discount can add up quickly.
  • Delivery. Having your siding delivered can be expensive; if you want to save some money and get some exercise, borrow a truck.

Saving on your siding cost is often just a matter of not accepting the first price you hear or trying these tips to get lower prices for your DIY project.

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