How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

When it comes to engineered siding products, many homeowners and builders put vinyl at the top of the list, and with good reason. This durable product resists rot, mold, termites, and weather damage; requires minimal maintenance; and comes in a variety of eye-catching colors and styles. One of its features, however, is tremendous value. Here's the scoop on vinyl siding prices.

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What Factors Influence Vinyl Siding Cost?

Vinyl siding cost really varies from one manufacturer to the next, though it typically costs much less than other siding products. Vinyl siding shingles or shakes cost less than: natural stone, wood, cedar, and stucco. Clapboard vinyl siding costs less than all of those, plus: fiber cement, hardboard, aluminum, and vinyl.

Other factors that can influence vinyl costs include:

  • Style and Finish. Choose from a number of siding styles (from clapboard to shingles), and finishes (from smooth to embossed).
  • Paint and Primer. Vinyl siding products that are factory primed and painted are more expensive, but save you a heap of time in maintenance.
  • Width. The vinyl siding exposure you choose can influence how much product you need, and therefore your final cost.
  • Warranty. You may find that a vinyl product with an excellent warranty costs slightly more, but is probably of a better quality.

The only way to know for certain how much vinyl siding would cost for your particular project is to contact vinyl siding contractors and get quotes. Don't be afraid to shop around!

How Can I Limit Vinyl Siding Costs?

It's already affordable, but there are still a few ways to limit vinyl siding cost even more. Since installation accounts for more than half your final cost, installing your own siding will probably have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Keep in mind DIY installation requires a tremendous amount of work and know-how, and can also undermine your warranty. You can also save money by choosing a product that hasn't been factory painted and primed, but you'll have ongoing maintenance costs. Consider your priorities, and choose a vinyl siding product that suits them.


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