How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost - Over Time?

When you are considering replacement siding for your home, you have many choices including wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding. Each material has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. However, the most popular new siding in the US is vinyl siding. So let's cover the basics on why this product leads the market: How much does vinyl siding cost? What are the benefits of vinyl siding?

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What is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is molded to create the siding planks. The thickness of the planks varies according to the grade of the siding, with premium grade vinyl siding being the thickest. Vinyl siding is available in a wide variety of styles and colors and is known for its attractive appearance, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

One of the reasons for the popularity of vinyl siding is its low cost ($150-300 per square)--generally lower than both wood or fiber cement siding. What most people don't realize is that even with the initial low vinyl siding prices, the true cost savings occur over time due to the long-term advantages of vinyl siding.

Long Term Advantages of Vinyl Siding

  • Durability. Vinyl siding is more durable then wood siding. The PVC used in vinyl siding is very stable and resistant to damage caused by the sun or inclement weather and, when installed correctly, is resistant to wind damage as well. Because vinyl siding is very durable, you are less likely to have to spend money to repair or replace it.
  • Low Maintenance. Color is molded in, so vinyl siding never needs to be painted - a cost that can run from $5000-15,000 for most homes, depending on the architecture and region. The only maintenance a homeowner should expect is occasionally washing it down with a garden hose. Because you never need to paint vinyl siding, the cost over time is less then other siding types that need more regular maintenance.

So when you ask yourself the question, "how much does vinyl siding cost?" you should asking yourself, "over what time period?"

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