Vinyl Siding: 3 Ways to Get your Costs Down

When you get vinyl siding estimates for your home can sometimes feel like visiting a foreign country without knowing the language. Siding contractors and distributors use terms like squares, gauges, and double-5 and you may not have a clue as to their meaning or their affect on your vinyl siding prices; so how do you know if you're looking at reasonable prices when you get vinyl siding estimates?

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Understanding Vinyl Siding Prices

Contractors' vinyl siding estimates are usually based on the materials needed to do the job and how much labor is required to install the materials. The contractor normally adds some overhead and profit to the final figure to cover their costs and make a little on the project. If you want to lower your siding costs, these three steps may help.

  1. Knowledge is Power--Do a little reading and get familiar with the terms so you understand your estimates. A siding square is a unit of measurement and equals 100 square feet of wall coverage. Gauge is the thickness of the siding, and double-5 is one of many available styles
  2. Labor Costs Vary--A salesperson at a D.C. siding distributor states that installation costs can vary from $50 to $200 per square with the current state of the construction industry. You should always get vinyl siding estimates from at least three reputable and licensed contractors to be sure labor costs are reasonable
  3. Siding Styles Affect Pricing--There are many styles and levels of vinyl siding and your selection can greatly affect vinyl siding prices. CertainTeed has some siding at about $166 per square, their value line costs about $55 per square and there are many levels in between

Investing a little of your time to learn about how costs can vary may help you obtain the best possible value for your vinyl siding project.

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