DIY Wood Siding Repair: Spread Out your New Siding Cost Over Time

Painted wood siding just looks right on some home styles such as old colonials, but even on those homes the never ending maintenance chores can cause you to question whether it's worth the trouble. Installing new siding on a large house can be an expensive proposition, but if you do a section at a time, siding cost and your labor can fit into just about any budget or schedule.

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Installing One Section at a Time Can Spread Your New Siding Cost Out

Wood siding looks great, but it needs to be painted every 5 to 10 years. Even then, there are often repairs that pop up due to moisture or insect damage. The many styles of vinyl and fiber cement siding now available make it easy to match an existing wood siding, so why not replace your damaged wood with a low maintenance product that may never need repairs? You can purchase fiber cement siding already primed and paint it to match your existing wood siding or choose a pre-finished fiber cement or vinyl siding in a color that's a close match.

Replace sections of your home's wood siding as repairs are needed, and you may be able to spread the siding cost of your project over several years. A couple of suggestions for your wood siding repairs:

  • Dutch lap wood--Try CertainTeed Monogram Dutch lap vinyl siding or Mastic Quest Dutch lap vinyl siding.
  • Beveled wood--JamesHardie Cedarmill Smooth fiber cement siding or CertainTeed CedarBoards Clapboard vinyl siding may be close matches.
  • Beaded wood--CertainTeed Carolina Beaded vinyl siding or JamesHardie Beaded Smooth fiber cement might be good choices.

Some of these products might look so much like your existing wood siding that even your neighbors aren't going to know you're upgrading to low maintenance fiber cement or vinyl siding.

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