Cost of Vinyl Siding Installation: What to Factor in

Most do-it-yourselfers and first-time contractors make the mistake of underestimating the DIY cost of vinyl siding installation. No one is trying to hide the actual cost of a project, but it's easy to overlook the small items that push the price tag upwards. When estimating the cost of vinyl siding installation, it's important to include the prices of everything you'll need.

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What Do Vinyl Siding Prices Consist of?

Here's a look at what you'll pay for.

Vinyl siding. The obvious big-ticket item is the siding. Vinyl siding prices depend on several factors.

  • Quality of the siding. Most vinyl siding ranges from .040 to .048 inches thick. Some is as thin as .035 inches and some as thick as .055. The thickest siding is usually the most durable and energy efficient over the long run but costs the most per square foot (psf).
  • Supply and demand. Localities with slow construction and remodeling markets traditionally offer vinyl siding more inexpensively than areas where activity is booming.
  • Sales tax. Geographic locations with sales tax add a percentage of the retail cost to the total price.

Weather barrier and insulation. Sheathing and backboard, insulation, and weather barrier plastic are all a major part of most vinyl siding projects. Make sure to include these costs.

Tools. If you have all of the equipment you need you're ahead of the game. If you don't, factor in the cost of buying or renting what you need.

  • circular saw
  • snap lock punch
  • nail punch
  • J-channel cutters and snips
  • ladder or scaffolding
  • hand seamer
  • hand tools such as hammer, tape measure, and level

Those sneaky extras. Flashing, nails, and sealer for around the doors and windows are all additional costs.

The DIY cost of vinyl siding installation should include several necessary items that fit into the overall cost of your project. Know what you need before you get started to avoid any surprises at the check-out counter.

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