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The cost of siding is holding relatively steady with other construction and home remodeling materials. Low inflation, improved technology, and a tough economy are all reasons for the flat cost of siding.

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Make sure you are one of the beneficiaries of the tough construction market. Here's what experts like Glenn Gossman of Gossman Construction in Arlington, Ohio, are saying.

  • Online purchasing. Good prices are available from online siding supply companies. (While you can also save on sales tax, this isn't advised since most states require that you report unpaid usage taxes.) However, be sure you know what you're looking for before you buy since you can't inspect the product in person--and returning defective siding may be expensive or nearly impossible.
  • Contractor discounts. Contractors receive a discount on the cost of siding or other materials. The price is passed along to you with an additional markup to help the contractor pay for his time and trouble in picking it up and delivering it to your home. Siding contractors sometimes cut costs on the markup in order to competitively bid a job. Ask several contractors for written estimates and let them know you're talking to competitors.
  • Comparison shop. Just because the home improvement store sells paint cheaper, doesn't mean the lumber yard down the street won't have a more competitive for the cost of siding. Make a few phone calls or visits to retail outlets to compare their prices. Compare pricing on different quality siding.

Finally, don't forget your labor costs. Check out some of our other articles on vinyl siding installation costs for tips on dealing with contractors. Keeping your costs down leaves more money in your pocket where it belongs. Take the time to shop online, talk with contractors, and comparison shop. The money you save can be significant and make your project more affordable.

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