Choose the right grade of vinyl siding for your home

Vinyl siding has a number of benefits over other cladding materials, particularly its affordability. Still, not all vinyl siding products are equal. It's important to choose the right grade of vinyl siding for your project (and budget). Here's everything you ever wanted to know about economy, mid-grade, premium and insulated vinyl siding styles.

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Economy or Value Vinyl Siding

Consumer Reports describes economy vinyl siding as the most affordable vinyl siding product on the market, costing as little as $0.45 per square foot. Typically less than .035" thick, it is also the thinnest, making it more susceptible to damage or heat loss in cold or windy conditions. This grade of siding may also lack UV protection, which means it typically comes in lighter colors; darker colors fade faster.

Mid-Grade Vinyl Siding

Mid-grade vinyl siding costs more than economy, but less than premium vinyl siding. It is typically about .045" thick and is sometimes treated to prevent fading. This is a good all-purpose siding choice for those who live in moderate climates and want to watch their budgets.

Premium Vinyl Siding

Premium vinyl siding costs more than the previously discussed grades. It typically runs about .050" thick, which makes it a good choice for those living in cold or windy climates. Premium products are often UV protected, which means you can choose from a broader range of colors, including darker hues.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Most grades of vinyl siding can be insulated, which improves its energy efficiency by increasing your home's R-value. Insulation adds about $1 per square foot to your vinyl siding costs.

Finding the Best Deal

Whichever grade you choose, your ultimate vinyl siding costs can vary. Request quotes from more than one local siding contractor to ensure you're getting the best deal.

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