Shopping for the Best Vinyl Siding Cost

You've decided vinyl siding is right for your home. So where do you start? Before calling installers to get bids on the job, it may be worth taking the time to do some research. Follow these three steps to ensure you're getting the best vinyl siding - and the lowest vinyl siding cost.

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  1. Survey your options. Pay attention to homes and buildings that have vinyl siding you like. Does the siding have the appearance of wood? What style is it? Which vinyl siding colors look best? Make a note of these qualities.
  2. Go to your local home improvement store and pick your product. In addition to choosing a style (vinyl siding shingles versus Dutch lap siding, for example) and vinyl siding colors, you'll want to pay particular attention to the quality. Look for a thickness of at least .040" and a 50-year warranty. Also look for colors that meet the Vinyl Siding Institute's color retention requirements; they are certified to resist major color changes due to weather.
  3. Shop around. Compare vinyl siding cost at home improvement stores and other retail distributors that carry your product of choice. Identify the retailer with the lowest prices, and use this figure to estimate your materials cost.

Now you're ready to get bids on your vinyl siding installation. It's always a good idea to get multiple bids - aim for 3, if you can. Make sure the estimates break down the materials versus the installation expenses to give you a full picture of the vinyl siding cost. Since you've done your homework, you'll be well-positioned to evaluate the bids and negotiate with contractors.


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