7 tips to choosing the best vinyl siding contractor

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Some contractors work with teams that help you choose colors, design your look, and keep it customized from start to finish. Other contractors might offer a wide variety of siding choices for your needs, while some choose to specialize and focus their attention only on the proper installation of the siding.

Choosing the best vinyl siding contractor

How do you know which one is right for you? Start with these questions to narrow your options.

  1. How much help do you want? If you prefer help in choosing the siding style, colors and options, you might want to go with a full-service company. If you want to do the research on your own and hire a contractor for simple installation, avoid the bells and whistles.
  2. How much experience does the contractor have? The more experience contractors have, the more likely they will do a good job. After all, if they weren't good, they wouldn't have stayed in business so long.
  3. What do the references say? Always ask for references and question every one of them.
  4. What about licenses and trade organizations? Make sure your vinyl siding contractor is licensed. If they are members of trade organizations and associations, even better.
  5. Do they have ample insurance? Your contractor should have at least the minimum insurance required by law. If a contractor says they don't need insurance, look elsewhere.
  6. Are the estimates clear and in writing? Make sure your estimate includes everything, including disposal of the old siding. Don't accept a price range or verbal estimate.
  7. What about follow-up? Even the best installation might need repair. Warranties on the work can ensure that your contractor will take care of a problem, if it occurs within a certain period.

Ask yourself and potential contractors these simple questions. It may help you find the right company for your siding needs.

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