7 Hidden Costs in a Vinyl Siding Installation Job

Vinyl siding installation is expensive enough without having to foot the bill for unscrupulous contractors. Here are seven warning signs that you're paying more for your vinyl siding installation than you should:

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Payment is Requested Up Front. Contractors typically ask for 20% to 50% of the total cost of the job before they purchase materials. This is a legitimate practice and prevents out-of-pocket losses if the homeowner changes his mind midstream. On the other hand, pay for the whole job before it's done your contractor may disappear.

Better Business Bureau Complaints. Always check with the BBB before agreeing to let a contractor work for you. Complaints filed about him with the BBB originated from unhappy customers.

  1. The Contractor's Personal Affect. Listen to your inner voice if it's whispering that something isn't right. You may not be able to pinpoint why you don't trust the contractor but if you suspect a problem, do further checking.
  2. Refusal to Put the Estimate or Contract in Writing. No legitimate contractor avoids written estimates and contracts. No written estimate or contract means no job.
  3. Intimidation. The elderly are victimized by high pressure or intimidating sales tactics. Don't be talked into hiring someone if you feel forced to do so.
  4. Poor Vinyl Siding Installation. If you're not happy with the job start by talking to the contractor. Small claims court or a civil lawsuit is your other option.
  5. Doesn't Want to be Paid by Check. Dishonest contractors don't want a paper trail. You do. Never pay cash unless you get a written receipt.

It's up to you to keep down the hidden costs of your vinyl siding installation. Stay sharp and don't get swindled.

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