5 reasons to leave supply shopping to your vinyl siding contractor

In planning to hire a vinyl siding contractor, purchasing the siding yourself may sound like a good way to save money. Here are a handful of reasons why that may not be a good idea.

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Working with a vinyl siding contractor

  1. A vinyl siding contractor may not warranty the work if you're supplying the vinyl siding for the project.
  2. You may not be saving any money. While it might seem like you are getting a good price on the siding, the end cost may not vary much from the retail price. Contractors often get retail price breaks.
  3. All vinyl siding is not the same, and every contractor has a preference as to which products he or she uses. The quality of the vinyl siding you purchase may not be the same quality that a local contractor would recommend for your specific home or geographic area.
  4. You may not be purchasing the correct materials for the job. If you don't know your J channel from your F channel, you probably won't be able to accurately measure to make sure you've got the right number of inside and outside corner posts and the right amount of siding.
  5. If you're getting the siding at a warehouse or clearing center, the color, style or manufacturer of the siding may be discontinued and unavailable, should you need more siding for future renovation projects or additions.

If you're concerned about renovation costs and have found good quality siding at a killer price that you just can't pass up, it would be worth your time to make a few calls to local contractors with the information about the siding before you make a purchase. Otherwise, your best option may be to install the siding yourself or enlist the help of a do-it-yourself friend who has experience installing vinyl siding.

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