5 reasons to beware of the cheapest vinyl siding contractor

Vinyl siding owners eventually face the expense of repairing or replacing their siding. And when dollars get stretched, decisions about how the job will be paid for need to be made. For many homeowners, the obvious choice is to hire a vinyl siding contractor solely on the basis of the cost estimate for the job.

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But is the bottom line really the best way to pick a contractor? Does it guarantee the most affordable way to get your siding repaired or replaced?

Vinyl Siding Contractor Considerations

Here are five reasons the cheapest contractor may not be the best choice for the job.

  1. The contractor may use inferior siding to cut costs. Any siding looks good for a year or so, but siding below the grade you need for regional weather conditions won't last long.
  2. Cheap contractors may be inexperienced. Someone willing to work inexpensively may be just starting out in the business or unqualified to do the job altogether.
  3. Good contractors are insured. Contractors who can afford to work cheaply may not have adequate insurance coverage to meet their financial obligations if they damage -- or are injured on -- your property.
  4. Cheap contractors may rush the job. Finishing one house and getting on to the next job site may be more important to a contractor than doing quality work.
  5. The estimate may be intentionally low. A good-faith estimate traditionally falls within 10 percent of the final bill. Be cautious about low estimates that appear to be outliers; check references to be sure quoted prices have been in line with prior clients' final costs.

The cheapest vinyl siding contractor might be the best pick for your job and then again, he or she might not. A contractor who listens to your needs should impress you more than one with a lowball estimate.


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