3 tips for comparing the costs of wood and vinyl log siding

You've always wanted a log cabin, and now you can turn your current home into one with log siding. But how do you choose between vinyl log siding and wood? Cost is one popular way to do so, though people usually balance cost with other factors such as maintenance, aesthetic and quality. When comparing the cost of these types of siding, be sure to keep three things in mind.

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Vinyl log siding vs. wood siding

  1. Use the same, accurate measurements. In addition to getting quotes in cost per square foot or lineal foot, you should measure your house and use those measurements for all your quotes. Generally, you should calculate the total square footage of your walls and be sure to subtract the actual square footage of any doors and windows. You'll want to keep the measurements of the walls, doors, and windows, so that the reps or contractors you talk with can give you a quote that accounts for saddle corners and any siding accessories that will be required.
  2. Compare like-quality products. All wood log siding isn't the same and all vinyl log siding isn't the same. Have a rep suggest like-quality products for you to compare and get the details. Some wood log siding isn't logs, but planed wood and the species of wood makes a difference in pricing. Some vinyl log products are modeled from real cedar logs and look more authentic than others and some come with a patented UV coating that can extend the life of the product.
  3. Don't forget the shipping. Wood siding weighs considerably more than vinyl. Be sure to figure in actual shipping costs into your price comparisons.

With a fair price comparison in hand, you can consider ease of installation, appearance and maintencance to determine which type of siding is ideal for your home.

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