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Vinyl Siding Prices

Vinyl siding colors and textures deliver stunning curb appeal.  Moreover, vinyl siding prices and its reputation for quality make vinyl the leading siding material in the market.  There are numerous major manufacturers with national distribution including Certainteed, Alside, Mastic and Wolverine.  As a result, vinyl siding prices can be more competitive than other materials. 

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What will the cheapest vinyl siding cost?  Around $100 per square (10 ft. x 10 ft. panel).  When you find significant differences in vinyl siding prices, these differences tend to be the result of quality levels and premium styles. 

Vinyl Siding Price vs. Quality

Quality levels for vinyl siding are determined by thickness, fade resistance and wind resistance.  Vinyl siding thickness ranges from .04-.05 inches, with thicker, premium grade vinyl siding prices running 2x the price of cheaper grades.  Thickness is an important consideration to prevent cracking and warping siding due to weather, and your installer should recommend the right thickness for your climate zone. 

Fade resistance and wind resistance are also important considerations for homeowners since they directly affect the life of your siding.  Even if the cost is higher, you should generally go with a vinyl siding product that has been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute for fade resistance.  Cheap vinyl siding offers less fade resistance and is generally only available in lighter colors.  On the other hand premium quality vinyl siding will come in richer darker colors.

In terms of wind resistance choose double hem mounting vs. single hem, if you live in a windy or hurricane-prone area.  The cost of vinyl siding with double hem mounting may be higher in the short run, but you less likely to need to replace siding panels after a severe storm.

Vinyl Siding Costs for Premium Styles

Premium vinyl siding styles such cedar shake or log vinyl siding tend to have deeper features with more seemingly random patterns.  This generally lends the appearance of real wood.  If you are looking for a premium style vinyl siding, expect to prices to also be 2x the cost of a smooth clapboard style. 

Vinyl Siding Installation Costs

Vinyl siding costs are generally 40-50% of the total cost of a siding replacement job.  The other 50-60% of your vinyl siding replacement cost will be labor.  According to research on vinyl siding market prices, labor costs can vary significantly by region - up to 40%.  In the US, expensive coastal areas such as Los Angeles and Boston, tend to have the highest siding installation costs, while Midwest areas such as Chicago and Minneapolis, tend to be cheaper.

The best advice for homeowners is to get multiple estimates from installers.


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