Vibrant vinyl siding: giving Garden State homes a makeover

New Jersey is considered an urban state consisting of subdivisions, shopping centers and highways. Residents know that's only part of the story. Dotted with historic villages, Victorian homes and an ample Atlantic coastline sprinkled with vacation retreats of many shapes and sizes, the Garden State is rich in character. Whether you live in a subdivision near Camden, an older home in a small rural town or boast a beach house near Cape May, vinyl siding can be a great way to upgrade the exterior of your house.

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Vinyl siding in New Jersey: which type is right for your home?

New Jersey is considered to be a part of the Mid-Atlantic region of the country, which means there are four distinct seasons. For the most part, the state escapes the extreme cold of New England and the heat waves of the southeast. The close proximity of the Atlantic Ocean provides a great place to spend summer weekends. Unfortunately, the coast can be subject to strong storms that move up from the southern coast during hurricane season. On occasion, this occurs during winter.

Finding a vinyl siding style that complements your home's exterior design should be a fairly easy task. Vinyl shingles and shakes usually look great on coastal vacation retreats, while Dutchlap can highlight the accents on a Victorian home, and double 5-inch or 4-inch clapboard styles can upgrade most contemporary designs.

If you live within several miles of the ocean, choosing a vinyl siding with a high wind rating should be a consideration. While your winter may not be as cold as Maine's, an insulated vinyl siding can still help keep your heating costs under control.

There are numerous distributors of vinyl siding in New Jersey, but perhaps the most well known is Universal Supply Company. They have eight locations in addition to their corporate office and feature high-quality brands such as CertainTeed and Mastic.

Tips for finding reputable New Jersey siding contractors

Vinyl siding is only as good as the installation and there are several resources available for New Jersey homeowners to confirm that they are hiring a qualified contractor. Two particularly helpful resources:

Local building inspection offices can also be helpful, when checking on a contractor's job history and reputation for quality workmanship.

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