Vinyl siding: NJ contractor selection

Finding the right vinyl-siding contractor is one of the most stressful aspects of the project. How can you be certain that the company you choose will do a great job? New Jersey has a couple of pathways to help you in your search.

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Vinyl siding: NJ state requirements

The state requires that contractors register with the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Affairs. The Home Improvement Contractor category includes vinyl siding. NJ has a website to provide numbers to call to see if a contractor is registered.

In addition, complaints about contractors can be checked with the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection. Again, they are easily found online or at (973) 504-6200.

Choosing a contractor

  1. Better Business Bureau: There are other ways to narrow your choices for someone to install your vinyl siding. The state has a Better Business Bureau, which issues reliability reports on businesses, including complaints and compliments.
  2. References: Any capable contractor should be able to give you references. A careful quizzing of prior customers may give you a warning of possible issues. And a previous customer might know of other people who were not so happy, or very happy, with the contractor's work.
  3. Word of mouth: Perhaps the best way to line up a contractor is to ask friends. If a contractor made one customer happy, then he likely will do the same for you. And if you tell a contractor that you hired him on the recommendation of Mary Jones, then that personal touch may make him want to do all the better.

There are several ways to help winnow the ranks of potential vinyl siding contractors. If you do your homework, you should be able to find an installer who will leave you satisfied.

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