4 ways to find installation quotes from vinyl siding contractors

Are you thinking about installing vinyl siding to update your home or to replace a high maintenance exterior with something more manageable? Besides deciding on colors, styles and the quality of your new siding, you'll also have to make decisions about installation.

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Properly installing vinyl siding protects your investment in several important ways. First and foremost, siding shields your home from the sun and inclement weather, so you want to make sure that it is performing as it should. Second, a good siding job can add value to your home, while conversely, a bad job might hurt it. Third, vinyl siding manufacturers generally have specific installation guidelines that can affect your product's warranty.

4 ways to find a vinyl siding contractor

If you're shopping for vinyl siding, it's always advisable to carefully compare at least three quotes from different vinyl siding contractors. Don't risk paying too much, or getting a shoddy siding installation just because you were too busy to shop around. Question any materials or labor that is not included in all three quotes to make sure the contract you go with covers everything necessary for proper, warrantied installation.

The following can be good resources when searching for a siding contractor:

  1. Manufacturers websites. If you know what brand of product you would like to use, you can usually find a contractor directory through that manufacturer. One leading manufacturer, CertainTeed, for example, who makes vinyl siding and polymer shake shingles, has a CertainTeed five-star, certified-contractor program. This certification ensures that local contractors know how to install different CertainTeed products in a manner that conforms to their warranty policy.
  2. VinylSidingSource. This website makes it easy to find a local contractor who can handle your vinyl siding installation. Complete the simple form on this page and a contractor who serves your area can get in touch with your.
  3. Better Business Bureau or trade group. A good place to look is your local Better Business Bureau or the national trade group, the Vinyl Siding Institute. Both places can recommend vinyl siding contractors in your area.
  4. Network. Check with friends, neighbors and colleagues to get recommendations for local contractors who have installed siding on homes similar to yours.

Once detailed quotes for identical materials and service are obtained, consider the responsiveness of each contractor throughout the bidding process, evaluate time-frames for job completion, and select the contractor who best meets your needs.


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