Vinyl siding: Detroit homes' best weather and pest protection

Vinyl siding provides Motor City homeowners with an attractive and cost-conscious alternative to wood siding. Among the benefits of using vinyl siding, Detroit weather conditions can make vinyl a much more sensible choice than wood or other surfaces requiring regular maintenance.

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5 reasons for vinyl siding: Detroit homeowners' tips

  1. Save money: Vinyl siding costs one-third to one half as much as comparable wood siding, and it stands up to climate conditions without costly treatments or refinishing. If you're rehabbing a home, or considering buying a "fixer," using vinyl siding can improve your home's appearance and your bottom line.
  2. No pests: Unlike wood, pests won't chow down on vinyl. Termites and other insects, mold and mildew won't infiltrate properly installed and sealed vinyl siding.
  3. Increase energy efficiency: Installing vinyl siding requires placing insulation between the siding and your walls. This helps with controlling drafts and lowering heating and cooling costs.
  4. Low maintenance: Unlike wood, vinyl doesn't require priming and painting. You select the style and colors you want, and are typically free from painting, sanding and sealing your home's exterior walls.
  5. No dents: Unlike aluminum siding, vinyl siding doesn't dent under the impact of hail. Vinyl is durable and can flex to absorb minor impacts.

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