Hunting for Detroit siding contractors with good credentials

Searching for Detroit siding contractors isn't as easy as calling up a few and asking for estimates. Do your homework first to help ensure the safety and security of your vinyl siding investment. Start with word of mouth. Ask friends, coworkers and neighbors which contractors they would recommend. If the same names pop up again and again, you've found a good place to start.

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It never hurts to check up on a contractor before entering into an agreement with someone who is basically going to start pulling the walls off your house. The Department of Energy includes Detroit in its "cold" climate zone rating, which makes it even more important to protect your home from the elements and protect yourself from sub-par workmanship.

Finding contractors for vinyl siding in Detroit, Michigan

Once you've found a few contractors to compare, follow these simple steps to research the quality and legitimacy of the building companies in question.

  1. Make sure the contractor is licensed. In the state of Michigan, contractors who install siding must hold either a Residential Builder's License or a Maintenance and Alteration License. The Residential Builder's License is a general contractor license that allows the holder to work in a wide variety of trades, including siding. The Maintenance and Alteration License is more targeted, and allows the holder to work only in specific trades. Either license means your contractor has passed the exam required by the state.
  2. Verify the insurance. Don't get stuck with the bill if something goes wrong. All Detroit siding contractors must hold liability and workers compensation insurance. Ask to see the proof and make sure it is current.
  3. Look for experience. In Michigan, a contractor can get a license with little or no experience at all. This makes it especially important to look at the work history of potential contractors. Go with Detroit siding contractors who have a long track record and good reputation. A new contractor with a fresh license might have plenty of knowledge but little practical experience.
  4. Check all references. Even if all the factors thus far have fallen into place, go one step further. Check the Michigan Debarment List to make sure your contractor's name isn't there. In addition, the Better Business Bureau keeps a record of complaints filed against contractors in Detroit and you can check there.

Remember that even if you choose top-of-the-line vinyl siding, your investment is only as good as the installation. Hunting for top contractors is worth the time when you are installing vinyl siding in Detroit, Michigan.

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