How to find vinyl siding contractors in Denver, Colorado

Snowfall in the Rocky Mountains has made Colorado famous for world-class skiing, and the state's largest city, Denver, receives an average annual snowfall of about 61 inches. The city's weather is influenced by its location on high plains at the foot of the Rockies. The National Weather Service reports the January mean temperature as 30.7 degrees. Summers are relatively mild, rarely reaching the 90-degree mark. The Department of Energy includes the Denver area in its "cold" climate zone, so it pays to buy and install top-quality siding to ensure year-round energy efficiency.

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Vinyl siding contractors in Denver, Colorado

Choosing a siding contractor can be a difficult decision. There are many Denver contractors who can perform the work, but how do you know who does top-quality work at a fair price?

A good place to start is the Better Business Bureau and its list of Denver and Boulder siding contractors, which has contact information for top siding professionals in the Denver area. To pre-screen Denver contractors, head to the Contractor License Search page on the City of Denver's website. Here you can search for licensed vinyl siding contractors in Denver, Colorado. Note that the only construction trades licensed by the State of Colorado are electricians and plumbers. However, general contractors and subcontractors in Colorado usually are licensed by the cities and towns in which they work.

For many homeowners, one easy way to narrow down the search is by visiting local home improvement stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot, which have numerous locations around the greater Denver region. Large home improvement retailers have salespeople willing to provide detailed information and bids. You also can see vinyl siding up close and get a better idea about what style of cladding would look good on your house. Most big stores work with recommended local contractors and guarantee their work.

Asking friends and acquaintances for recommendations is another avenue, especially if they have had a positive experience with a siding contractor in Denver.

Try to get three or more bids. Although you're looking for a price that fits your budget, beware of bids that undercut other contractors by large amounts. Look for a middle ground bid. Bids from contractors related to the big stores might be a bit above the middle, but the guarantee could make a difference.

Matching vinyl siding with Denver architectural styles

Denver's architecture runs from English Tudor to Mediterranean to Prairie, as well as high-country farmhouse-style homes. Contractors should be familiar with the many different building styles in the Denver region and should be able to help you choose a wall cladding that complements not only your house but your neighborhood as well.

By using the tools listed above--and good judgment--you can take much of the guesswork out of hiring vinyl siding contractors in Denver.

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