Vinyl siding contractors: How to identify the best

Not all vinyl siding contractors are created equal. Most contractors are honest businessmen eager to do a great job at a reasonable price. Other contractors are less scrupulous and might take advantage of homeowners naïve enough to trust them. With a little care you can learn to tell the difference.

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Five signs of a bad contractor

  1. Better Business Bureau complaints
  2. Questionable reputation in the community
  3. Obviously inferior or inadequate equipment
  4. Estimates 20 or 30 percent below other contractor's estimates
  5. The desire to avoid a paper trail, want cash up front beyond the cost of materials, and refusal to give a written estimate

Identifying a bad vinyl installation contractor may come down to your having an uncomfortable feeling. Be suspicious if something "feels wrong" even if you don't know why.

Five characteristics of a good vinyl siding contractor:

  1. Long-standing reputation for professionalism and quality work
  2. Readily provides verifiable references
  3. Willing to provide proposed expenditures and estimates in writing
  4. Experience in the vinyl siding industry
  5. Apparent long-term commitment to the vinyl siding industry as evidenced by the investment in equipment, professional appearance, and advertising

Choosing the right contractor for your vinyl siding job ensures that you'll receive quality material (ask about the warranty) that will be properly installed. You can be assured you're picking the right vinyl siding contractor for the job when the qualities of a good contractor are evident and the red flags of bad contractors are absent. It always helps to check with references, call the Better Business Bureau, and read the fine print on estimates and contracts before you sign. A good contractor is worth his or her weight in gold.





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