Quick tips for finding qualified Philadelphia siding contractors

Many homeowners get names of potential siding contractors from friends, neighbors or by looking on the Internet. But how much does one good recommendation really tell you about the reputation of the company you may hire to work on your house?

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Fortunately, these three resources can help you verify the qualifications and previous workmanship of Philadelphia siding contractors who are candidates for your home improvement project:

  1. Better Business Bureau of Washington, D.C. and Eastern Pennsylvania: This organization has an office in Philadelphia and maintains a list of consumer complaints about contractors working in the area.
  2. Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General: Home improvement contractors who invoice for more than $5,000 each year are required to register with this office. You can verify online that your contractor is registered and if they are, you should be protected by the state's Home Improvement Consumer Provision Act.
  3. The City of Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections office may also be able to assist by providing information about a contractor's work history and quality of workmanship within the city.

The home improvement industry has undergone many changes the past several years. The last thing you want is a contractor who cannot complete the job or to discover that a contractor is working without the proper state and local credentials.

Choosing vinyl siding in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is considered to be a part of the Mid-Atlantic climate region of the country with four distinct seasons of fairly moderate weather. However, residents might be a little skeptical of that classification with the severe winter storms the area has been subjected to the past several years. If this type of weather is a sign of things to come, you might want to choose a siding rated for high winds. Insulated siding can also help lower winter cooling costs.

High wind rated and insulated siding are both available in styles that should complement your Philadelphia home, regardless of whether it's an old Victorian from the city's early days, or in one of the newer subdivisions that dot the area.

Vinyl siding in Philadelphia is available from numerous distributors, but perhaps the largest is Quality Roofing Supply, which has 14 locations around Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Their Philadelphia retail outlet features well known brands, such as CertainTeed and Mitten.

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