Sky's the limit on vinyl siding advantages in Denver

Facing extreme weather that can range from a chilly 15 degrees in January to 88 degrees in July, homeowners can improve the comfort of their mile-high homes with vinyl siding. In Denver, Colorado, residents can remodel with siding that keeps warm air in during winter, and warm air outside during summer. In the city's extreme weather climate zone, consider installing heavier-gauge, insulated vinyl siding that won't buckle when the weather changes.

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Tom Higgins, owner of Littleton-based, Superior Products Home Improvement recommends vinyl siding of .046 mil thickness or better with attached installation. Although the Denver vinyl siding industry flattened out during the recession, he expects business to improve significantly in 2012. "As the economy improves, Denver homeowners will have more discretionary income for home improvement and increased confidence in vinyl siding due to the industry technological improvements that have been made in the last five years," said Higgins.

4 steps to finding the right vinyl siding contractor

After choosing the perfect vinyl siding for your Denver home, the next step is to find a vinyl siding contractor. Try following these four, basic steps:

  1. Check with your siding manufacturer. Some require manufacturer-approved installers for warranty purposes.
  2. Try the Denver Better Business Bureau, which has reviews for 126 vinyl siding contractors within 25 miles of Denver. Champion Windows, Siding and Patio Rooms, Signal Home Improvements and Superior Industries, Inc. are four with A+ ratings that have each been in business more than a dozen years.
  3. Contact the Denver Contractor Licensing Department to obtain contractor licensing information.
  4. The Vinyl Siding Institute also provides a list of VSI-certified installers by state.

Denver has a number of marvelous, established neighborhoods with their own unique flavors and predominant architectural styles. Vinyl siding can spruce up your home whether you live in a classic Belcaro Park or Cherry Hills Village ranch-style home or one of Hilltop's mid-century modern houses.

According to an article on Denver architectural styles by Gretchen Faber, a local real estate professional, Denver denizens claim the Foursquare as a Denver original, referring to it as a "Denver Square." In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Denver Squares replaced the fancier Victorians in many Denver neighborhoods. Although Victorians are still a part of the architectural beauty of the Curtis Park and Washington Park neighborhoods, they coexist with Denver Squares and classic bungalows. To complement the style of your historic home, consider restoration vinyl siding.

Research can help you feel confident that you've chosen the right vinyl siding for your traditional or historic home and the right Denver siding contractor for installation.

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