How to find a local vinyl siding contractor

Installing new vinyl siding on your house can require more than some basic DIY skills, and many homeowners prefer to leave such major home improvement projects to the pros. After all, it can sometimes take a whole crew of workers, with experience and specialized equipment, just to complete a siding project on a small house. When looking for a vinyl siding contractor in your local area, you need the right person, not just a name.

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Finding a vinyl siding contractor in your area

  1. Word of mouth. Asking a friend or neighbor to recommend a siding contractor is a sure-fire way to get an honest opinion, and you can inspect actual finished siding projects. This can reveal much about a contractor's experience and craftsmanship.
  2. Professional recommendations. If you have had a good experience hiring and working with another tradesman, such as an electrician or plumber, then ask them whom they would hire for a vinyl siding project. A contractor's reputation amongst his peers reflects the contractor's abilities better than his ad in the yellow pages.
  3. Internet sites and online directories. Online resources for homeowners are abundant, and many sites, such as the Vinyl Siding Institute's, offer nationwide directories for reliable local siding contractors. Some websites post actual contractor reviews from past customers. Using the Internet to find local contractors is easy, you can start with this site! Definitely follow up your research with a face-to-face meeting. That way the contractor can preview your installation project and you can size up his or her professionalism.

When hiring a local siding contractor, it is important to meet with several qualified contractors so that you can compare abilities, costs, and experience. Hopefully you'll then hire the best contractor at the fairest price.


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