Finding Maryland siding contractors with good credentials

Climate is a big consideration when choosing siding for your home. Maryland's climate varies by elevation and the proximity to Chesapeake Bay. Overall, the state has temperate, four-seasons weather, with abundant precipitation and humidity. What this means in regard to selecting siding for your house is that you want good insulation and great resistance to humidity, rot, termites, rust and thermal transfer.

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When choosing siding, it's important to consider easy, inexpensive maintenance, too. Energy efficiency is another goal, which may be a reason to use insulated vinyl siding.

Hiring a reputable contractor for your project can maximize the benefits of vinyl or any siding. There are several ways to find just the right Maryland siding contractors.

Here are tips on finding Maryland siding contractors:

  1. Vinyl Siding Institute, or VSI: This national institute, which tests vinyl siding, also trains, tests and certifies installers who meet their high standards. They list over 90 individuals throughout Maryland. Remember that it is the individual, not the company he/she works for, who is certified by the VSI. The list for Maryland starts on page 44.
  2. State of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation: Before talking with a certified installer, check this website to make sure that the contractor is currently licensed. The site also has a complaint form to fill out in case of serious problems. Ask to read the contractor's proof of workers' compensation, bonding and a liability policy.
  3. Better Business Bureau: BBB-accredited businesses have earned a report card-type of rating based on the organization's 16-point system. The site shows the rating grade, length of time in business, number of complaints, and whether the response to the complaint contributes to the A to F grade.
  4. Contractor referrals: After steps 1 through 3, ask potential contractors for referrals to homeowners with in-progress jobs or installations completed in the last three years. Check them out in person.
  5. Siding and building supply stores: You can do this search in reverse by getting contractor names from a retailer and then checking if those Maryland siding contractors meet VSI, State of Maryland and BBB standards.
  6. Personal references: Ask co-workers, neighbors and organization members for references.

Websites like VinylSidingZone.com have lots of information on the products themselves. Preparing yourself by following these steps can boost your confidence in selecting contractors for vinyl siding in Maryland.

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