Vinyl Siding: Options for Retail Purchasing

Your vinyl siding choices are hardly limited to what your neighborhood building supply store offers. Today, you have more vinyl siding options than ever, including online products.

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Here's a look at your options when it's time to start your vinyl siding project:

  • Online: Vinyl siding retailers are all over the Internet. Some companies focus a large part of their business online and ship vinyl siding to the consumer. Other companies combine online sales with local businesses and join online sellers to reach markets outside their respective localities.
  • Retail Stores: Your home improvement center or lumber yard offers limited in-stock vinyl siding. Options improve if you place a special order.
  • Special Sales: This buying option reflects the purchasing power of large retail chains. The chain buys in quantity and resells the vinyl siding at reduced rates. Time-limited and stock clearance sales can save you money. Special ordering allows you to choose from a huge inventory and pick the vinyl siding options you want: colors, styles, and panel sizes, etc.
  • Contractors: Installation professionals receive discounted pricing from their suppliers. Most contractors are happy to buy the siding for you, if you've hired them to put it up. Contractors often add a markup before reselling the siding to you, but, sometimess contractors are willing to waive the markup.
  • Classifieds: You can find good deals by checking the classified section in local newspapers, regional classifieds, and online classifieds.

When shopping around, remember to factor a few things into your buying decision, like:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Taxes
  • Return policies

Some retail purchases require sales tax, whereas online shopping may not - however, shipping a return for online siding may be a considerable expense.

Most importantly, if you are considering the retail vinyl siding option, understand that you will most likely need to install vinyl siding yourself. Most contractors will decline an "install-only" job. While hanging vinyl siding can seem easy, measuring and buying the right materials, and cutting the vinyl siding to fit your home is a non-trivial undertaking.

If you're looking for the best vinyl siding options for your money, research retail and contractors, and consider the pros and cons of each.

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