Of Colonials & cladding: How to find vinyl siding in Maryland

As one of the 13 original colonies, Maryland has many beautiful old homes that feature intricate, exterior architectural details seldom found in today's designs. However, with a location adjacent to the nation's capital and Chesapeake Bay, the state also has many newer houses that were constructed as families flocked to the area during the last building boom. While homes built so far apart in time wouldn't seem to have much in common, one trait that most share is the potential for enhancement with vinyl siding.

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Vinyl siding in Maryland: what you need to know

Maryland is considered to be in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. The climate is normally moderate with about a month of hot, humid days during the summer, and several weeks of temperatures that can dip below freezing during the winter months. Even within the state, the climate can vary greatly with Eastern Shore homes being affected by weather from the Atlantic Ocean and cities such as Cumberland in the higher altitudes of the mountainous western region often receiving severe winter storms.

The wide range of architectural styles in Maryland can make vinyl the ideal siding choice for your home. Dutch-lap and double 5" clapboard complement the exterior lines of an older house. If you have a newer home, triple 3" siding can provide a modern touch. For vacation homes, the weathered appearance of vinyl shakes and shingles are popular around Ocean City and the Eastern Shore. A siding with a high wind rating is often desirable, if you live near the coast. You might want to consider insulated vinyl, if you own a home in the western part of the state.

Maryland has numerous siding retailers and distributors, but the largest might be The Roof Center which has 19 locations and carries well known brands, such as CertainTeed.

Tips for finding Maryland siding contractors

While most Maryland siding contractors are reputable, it never hurts to be sure before signing a contract for work to be done on your home. Two valuable resources you may want to take advantage of include the following:

  1. Greater Maryland Better Business Bureau can provide information on any consumer complaints that may have been filed about a particular siding contractor or contracting business.

  2. Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation: You don't need a contractor's license to install vinyl siding in Maryland, but if the company you're considering also does home improvement, the state offers this resource for verifying licensing. The same website allows you to research whether any of the contractor's customers have registered complaints with the state.

In many cases, your local building and inspection office can also provide helpful information about Maryland siding contractors working in the area.

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