Choosing vinyl siding? In New Jersey, climate figures heavily

For a state only 166 miles long and 65 miles wide, New Jersey has a varied climate. With blizzards in the Kittatinny Mountains to the north and sea spray from the ocean at southern points like Cape May, vinyl siding in New Jersey has to face down a wide range of elements.

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Fortunately, there is a type of vinyl siding for every home, no matter where it might be located in the Garden State. After you have chosen your vinyl siding product, reliable New Jersey siding contractors can provide the installation that makes your investment last for many years to come.

Vinyl siding in New Jersey should stand up to the elements

New Jersey isn't a state that often comes to mind when people discuss extreme weather. However, the frequency of large snowfalls and low temperatures seems to be increasing each winter and there is always the potential for strong storms moving up the coast.

Atlantic City and Cape May receive more than their fair share of strong winds when hurricane season rolls around each year. In fact, they were both hard hit in 2011 by Hurricane Irene. Thicker grades of vinyl siding can offer greater impact resistance, and that can come in very handy when Mother Nature unleashes a fury.

Hurricanes and the common Nor'easters that threaten New Jersey every year also bring high winds. Manufacturers such as Mastic and CertainTeed have developed advanced locking systems that help keep siding on your home instead of ending up in your neighbor's yard. Some panels have even met Miami-Dade County's tough wind testing standards.

Thicker grades of vinyl siding can stand up to extremes of cold and heat. A vinyl siding of .044 gauge or heavier is less prone to cracking on very cold mornings. On the flip-side of the thermometer, thicker vinyl siding can also offer better insulating properties, and that can help keep your house cooler during a scorching New Jersey summer.

Finally, consider the impact of the sea on your vinyl siding in New Jersey. If you live close to the ocean, expect your higher-grade vinyl siding to stand up nicely to the salt and water. Proper installation is the key: Look for New Jersey siding contractors with a strong background working on homes near the ocean. This valuable experience can help ensure that even the harshest storm doesn't let water get underneath your vinyl siding.

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