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Vinyl Siding Benefits

When you consider the long-term cost of painting the exterior of your home, vinyl siding makes a lot of sense. Let's say you pay $1,200 to paint your home now. With inflation, repainting every 4 years would add up to $11,350 over the next 20 years! Plus, a recent survey in Remodeling Magazine indicated that in several areas around the country, resale value significantly exceeded the cost of re-siding. Vinyl siding normally last 20 years or longer with virtually no maintenance.

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Vinyl siding normally will not dent from impact. It will flex and go back to its original shape.

Coloring is the same throughout its thickness. Even if your siding is scratched, the color will not be affected.

Vinyl siding blocks moisture, preventing mold and other known allergens.

Vinyl siding is also far less combustible than plywood, wood shake, and other more flammable siding options.

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