Ask your vinyl siding contractor about climate considerations

Picking vinyl siding is often about more than just color and style. Your local climate can play a part in which type might be best for your home. A vinyl siding contractor may have suggestions on siding types that are designed for your area. These recommendations might be based on his or her own personal experiences or they could be from information the manufacturers have passed along. Choosing the correct type of siding for your home can work out better for everyone involved. You should have a low maintenance exterior that lasts for many years, and the contractor doesn't have to worry about warranty calls.

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Climate and your vinyl siding contractor

Most vinyl siding manufacturers do studies to determine how various climate conditions affect their products. Based on those studies, the manufacturer often refines a siding type to make it better-suited to the potential weather rigors of certain areas. In many cases, product lines are only available in certain climate zones or come with warnings or recommendations to distributors and contractors. A few zones that may require special consideration:

  • Southern zone--Intense summer sunlight in the southern part of the country can cause premature fading in some color selection.
  • Northern zone--Drastic temperature changes can cause excessive movement in thinner gauges of vinyl siding. Your siding contractor may recommend a heavier gauge such as .046 inch. Thicker siding can also help prevent the cracking that extremely cold temperatures may cause.
  • Coastal zones--If your home is located in an area prone to strong storms, your contractor may suggest a siding product with a wind-rated locking system. Some siding systems have even passed Miami-Dade County's strict wind standards. These siding types might also be considered if you live in a central state with strong summer storms.

Color and style are important when choosing a siding, but remember to ask your vinyl siding contractor about climate considerations.

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