Vinyl siding soffit: Who makes it and why you need it

Many homeowners don't give their soffits much thought, but neglecting them can lead to costly repairs. The underside of an eave, cornice, or other overhang, a soffit can help provide the ventilation your attic needs to keep your cooling costs under control. Proper soffit ventilation also aids in preventing condensation buildup on the underside of your roof sheathing and limiting ice damming problems at your roof eaves during the winter months. Regular painting can help keep older wood soffits in good shape, but all that scraping and sanding can get tiring pretty quickly.

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The vinyl siding soffit solution

One of the easiest ways to make sure you have enough soffit ventilation--and limit the amount of time spent working on a ladder--is to install low-maintenance vinyl soffit panels. Just about all vinyl siding manufacturers offer vinyl soffit, as many homeowners choose to replace their soffits at the same time they're installing new siding. Soffit panels are available perforated so your attic can receive the ventilation it needs, or you can choose solid panels for porch ceilings where ventilation may not be required. Many vinyl siding soffit manufacturers have panels available in numerous colors and styles so you can create interesting exterior color schemes or simply complement your siding. A few manufacturers you may wish to consider:

  • CertainTeed
  • Gentek
  • Mastic
  • Alside
  • Wolverine

Expect to pay about $1.25 a linear foot for vented or solid vinyl panels for a soffit with a one-foot overhang, and if you decide to replace your fascia at the same time, your total for materials could be about $3.40 per linear foot. Pricing may vary depending on manufacturer, your address, and whether your color needs to be special-ordered. Vinyl siding soffit panels can usually be ordered through any retailer who handles exterior building products. There are also online sources that can arrange for delivery to your door.

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