Vinyl Siding Installation Time Requirements

There are many factors which may affect the amount of time it takes to install vinyl siding. Vinyl siding installation on historic buildings may require special permits, and installation over existing asbestos siding may require a visit from a building official, both of which add to the overall installation time. Also, if walls are uneven, furring strips must be installed prior to vinyl siding installation. In all cases, however walls must be prepared for proper installation and accessories must be attached before any style of siding can be hung.

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Pre-Installation Preparation

Before vinyl siding installation begins, outside and inside corner posts must be installed, and starter strips at the bottom of the wall must be measured, leveled and fastened around the entire house. Doors and windows must also be prepared and trimmed to receive the siding. Roof lines, gables must be trimmed with J-channel and flashing, and soffits must be installed on the underside of the eaves. This process can take up to a day in itself.

Installing Different Styles of Vinyl Siding

  • Horizontal vinyl siding installation is the least time consuming. It requires sliding panels into position, locking them into place, and then fastening them properly. Carefully cutting siding to fit around windows, fixtures and roof gables adds to the installation time, but correctly installing the siding the first time will pay off in the end.
  • Vertical vinyl siding installation is similar to horizontal installation, but a bottom receiver of J-channel must also be installed and measurements must be taken so that panels are spaced properly. This can add up to a few hours onto the project.
  • Additional features which can add up to several hours onto vinyl siding installation projects include insulation, shakes, shingles, shutters and other accents.

Overall, the process takes 2-3 days when completed by a professional, so if time is of the essence, consider hiring a siding contractor who can complete the job in the shortest amount of time.

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