Vinyl Siding Installation Costs: Invest Sweat Equity and Save

When preparing for your vinyl siding installation project, you need to figure out how to spend the least amount of money possible, while still getting quality results that will last. You can achieve both goals by doing some of the work yourself.

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Vinyl Siding Installation: Money-Saving DIY Tasks

Here's what you can do to save:

  • Research: You can research vinyl siding prices and product information and do a thorough job obtaining bids. Remember, the more project planning you do, the less someone you are paying has to do.
  • Removal: If your siding contractor has determined that your home's old siding needs to be removed before the new vinyl siding can be installed, then you can grab a crow bar and get to work. Removing old siding doesn't require much skill or experience, just lots of hard work.
  • Cleanup: Most home remodeling projects are messy, and vinyl siding installation is no exception. One non-critical task that needs to be completed at the end of each work day is job site cleanup. If you pick up the construction debris and other accumulated garbage, then your contractor doesn't have to. Instead, he can focus on hanging the new siding and finishing the project sooner.

If you want to complete some of the work yourself, then make sure that all of the siding installers who bid on your project are in agreement. Some contractors may not allow you to help at all while others may be open to you doing so.

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