When to install vinyl siding: Detroit deals

Timing is everything, even when getting new vinyl siding. Factoring in Detroit's weather can help you find deals on both materials and installation. The most popular times for installing vinyl siding are at the end of spring (between winter and storm season), and fall (between storm season and winter.) However, scheduling your installation during off-peak times may cost less, though you'll need to consider if weather conditions can damage your home or cause hazardous conditions. Shop vinyl siding suppliers online and in person to locate discounts on materials. Purchase the siding to have on-hand for installation during contractor's down-times.

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Optimizing vinyl siding: Detroit cost savers

  1. Consider multiple material, color and style options: End-of-season sales may yield good buys on premium vinyl siding that Detroit suppliers don't want to store through off-seasons. Being flexible in your choices can provide additional discounts.
  2. Don't overlook Mom-and-Pop shops: Independent vendors may offer unadvertised discounts. Small businesses may have negotiating flexibility that big box retailers cannot provide. Ask about a discount for paying cash. Get to know suppliers, tell them what you're looking for, and ask them to call when a sale or overstock occurs.
  3. Shop and compare siding and installation estimates: Siding isn't an item for impulse shopping. Taking time to obtain and compare multiple estimates is often beneficial for finding your best deal.
  4. Your biggest bargain may not be the best deal: Going with the low-ball estimate can lead to problems if the vendor is inexperienced, or if he's more interested in making a sale than providing quality products and work. Installing siding typically costs at least twice the cost of materials, so verify contractor licensing and other professional requirements. It is helpful to get three bids.

Researching thoroughly will improve both your savings and your satisfaction with your beautiful new vinyl siding.

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