Washington D.C. homeowners vote for vinyl siding

Washington, D.C. is known for its numerous architectural styles. The historic town homes in the Georgetown and Adams-Morgan sections are often in high demand. As you approach the suburbs, elegant single family homes dot the landscape. A broad range of vinyl siding styles make it adaptable for siding your D.C. house regardless of which neighborhood you call home, but are there any specific considerations that should be kept in mind when making a selection and choosing a contractor?

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Choosing Washington, D.C. vinyl siding contractors

One of the great benefits homeowners have when planning a home improvement project in the D.C. area is that there are almost countless contractors and material vendors to choose from. You shouldn't have a problem finding Washington, D.C. vinyl siding contractors for your project, but how do you know if their price is fair and whether they're qualified to work on your home? Washington offers two resources that allow you to verify the expertise and reputation of your contractor:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Washington and Eastern Pennsylvania. Use the BBB to check for any complaints filed against the contractor in the District and surrounding areas.
  • District of Columbia Permit Office. Visit or call to verify your contractor's license. They may also be able to offer insights as to the quality of a contractor's work or reputation.

Residential remodeling and restoration projects are a frequent sight in the District's many neighborhoods. These homeowners and their general contractors can be a good source for vinyl siding contractor recommendations. Always remember to get at least three estimates for your job.

Selecting a vinyl siding for your Washington, D.C. home

Washington's storied history includes a wide variety of home designs that might be complemented by vinyl styles such as double five clapboard, Dutch-lap, or the more stately beaded siding. The city is considered to be in the Mid-Atlantic section of the country and was originally built on swamp land, so summers are often hot and humid, while winters can be cold with freezing rain and snow on occasion. An insulated vinyl siding that can contribute to lower heating and cooling costs might be a good choice for homes in D.C.

A city as large as Washington offers many options for purchasing your siding, but The Roof Center may be the largest and best known. They have 19 convenient locations and carry several high-quality brands of vinyl siding such as CertainTeed. Discuss the styles that appeal to you most with your contractor and get a recommendation on what is likely to work best for your home.

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