Three Tips for Using a Vinyl Siding Removal Tool

The vinyl siding removal tool is a nifty little gadget that saves a lot of work on vinyl siding repair projects. It's just a flat piece of metal with a lip that's mounted on a handle. The removal tool is easy to use and one of the cheapest tools you'll ever need to buy.

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As easy as the tool is to use, there's still more to using it than walking up to the siding and having a panel fall off in your hands. It's smooth sailing once you become proficient, but do-it-yourselfers with limited experience are going to need a little practice.

Here are three tricks of the trade to help you make it work.

  1. Proper placement. Most vinyl siding repair projects consist of taking off the damaged pieces and replacing them. Begin by properly wedging the curved lip on the tool under the overlapping panel above the damaged piece and hook onto the buttlock end. The buttlock is the bottom lip of the panel.
  2. Start at the end of the panel. Don't begin in the middle. The ends of vinyl siding panels usually have notches designed as a place to insert this tool. If your vinyl siding doesn't have end notches, look for a loose spot to insert the tool near the end of the panel.
  3. Slide the tool. Beginners sometimes try to move the tool down the panel and loosen each small section in turn. The correct and easiest way to use the tool in vinyl siding repair is to hook it, pull down and then slide it the length of the panel. The panel will almost fall off in your hands.

Vinyl siding repair is a lot easier with the help of the handyman's best friend.

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