The right vinyl siding: Washington, D.C. requires all-season siding

As a homeowner, you want the best materials for your home. Because this material is attractive, low maintenance, and cost efficient, it is an excellent choice for most homes. Here is what you need to know to pick the best vinyl siding for Washington, D.C.

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You first need to understand the weather patterns in your area. Washington, D.C. is in the humid subtropical climate zone. The city experiences all four seasons, and conditions vary widely during the year. While spring and fall are typically mild, the winters can be cold and snowy, and the summers are known for their heat and humidity. You want a vinyl siding that will work well in all these climate conditions.

Premium vinyl siding: Washington D.C. requires good siding

Because of the extreme range in weather conditions, you should consider the premium vinyl siding options offered by the various vinyl siding manufacturers. Premium vinyl siding is thicker than standard grade. This extra thickness allows the material to stand up better both to extreme temperatures and to extreme variations in temperatures. Look for vinyl siding with a minimum thickness of .046 inch and up to .055 inch.

Insulated vinyl siding for energy efficiency

Another good choice is insulated vinyl siding. This option has foam insulation bonded to the siding planks. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, insulated vinyl siding can be an important component in bringing your home up to the recommended insulation level for the Washington, D.C. climate zone. Another benefit is that the foam insulation makes insulated vinyl siding stronger and more rigid than standard choices.

Some of the vinyl siding choices for Washington, D.C. include CraneBoard solid core vinyl siding by Exterior Portfolio by Crane, Structure EPS Insulated Siding by Mastic Home Exteriors, and Cedar Boards Insulated Vinyl Siding by CertainTeed siding. For more vinyl siding options available in Washington, D.C., consult your local siding contractors.

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