Is it Time to Install New Siding?

Does your house have peeling paint? You are probably due for a paint job. Do you have a piece of vinyl siding that needs to be replaced? You might get away with a relatively minor repair. But other problems with your home's exterior could signal that it's time for new siding installation.

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  1. Deterioration. Buckling, cracking, or sagging could indicate that your present siding is beginning to deteriorate. This could cause heat loss and compromise the integrity of your home's structure.
  2. Water damage. If you see moisture or water stains on your home's exterior, you may have water seepage behind your siding. If this is the case, your house could be in jeopardy from mold, rot, or destructive insects.
  3. Increased maintenance. If you find that you need to paint or repair your siding more frequently, your siding could be on its way out.
  4. Curb appeal. If yours is the last home on the block to have vinyl siding from the 1950s, it's probably time to upgrade.

If any of these situations fits, consider replacement siding installation. Vinyl and fiber cement siding are two popular options, each with its own pros and cons. Fiber cement tends to be extremely durable and low-maintenance, but fiber cement prices are generally higher.

However, according to Remodeling magazine's "Cost vs. Value Report" from 2009-10, replacement fiber cement siding offers the highest return on investment for projects costing more than $1,200, while vinyl siding comes in third. So while fiber cement prices may be higher, the value to prospective buyers is also considerably greater.


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