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Repairing Vinyl Siding

When a piece of vinyl siding is damaged it should be replaced immediately to ensure the particular wall maintains its weatherproofing. Regular inspection of the vinyl siding can help ensure that no damage goes unnoticed and possible extended damage avoided.

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A good idea is to keep a zip tool on hand as well as extra pieces of vinyl, possibly leftovers from installation, to help expedite such repairs. A zip tool is a small, curved pry bar with a metal hook at its tip and is used to unlock the siding.

When repairing vinyl siding, first remove the damaged piece. At the bottom of the damaged piece, use the zip tool to release the hook/lock connection inside the horizontal joint, pulling down as you work your way along until the hook comes free.

Repeat the process on the joint above the damaged piece.

Using a square, mark and cut the replacement piece ensuring that it’s 2 to 3 inches longer than the space it is covering.

Center the replacement piece so that it overlaps both adjacent pieces of siding evenly and hook the bottom edge into the lock on the piece below, then push the top of the replacement piece up and underneath the piece above.

Carefully lift the overhanging piece out of the way and nail into place through the predrilled holes or approximately 12 to 16 inches apart.

Do not drive the nails tightly into the wall. Leave approximately 1/32 inch between nails and siding for the natural expanding and contracting of the vinyl.

Hook the zip tool into the lock at the top of the replacement piece, pulling out and down while pushing the bottom of the above existing piece in, towards the house, until it snaps together then slide the zip tool along to complete the connection.

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