Recommended Tools for Vinyl Siding Installation

Before beginning vinyl siding installation, review the tools that you'll need for the project. There are several basic tools that you probably already have, and some other speciality tools you'll need specifically for the project.

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Basic Tools for Vinyl Siding Installation:


Most common hand tools--such as a hammer, fine-tooth saw, tape measure, chalkline, level and metal square--are needed for any vinyl siding installation.

In addition, here are some other basic tools that you'll need:

  • Eye protection: This is important, particularly when cutting the siding, trim or soffit materials.
  • Utility knife: A utility knife or scoring tool makes it easy to cut or trim siding that isn't cut with a saw.
  • Tin snips: These will help you hand-cut or shape the siding.
  • Fixed or hand-held power saw: A bench or radial arm saw will speed up the process of cutting siding panels and trimming material and soffits. Some installers prefer a hand-held power saw. Make sure to use a fine-tooth plywood blade, and remember to install it in reverse direction. Move the material slowly through the saw to prevent chipping or cracking, particularly if you are doing your installation during cold temperatures.

Specialty Tools for Vinyl Siding Installation:

Snap-lock punch: This tool is used to punch lugs into the cut edges of siding used for the top row of a wall or for directly beneath a window.

Nail hole slot punch: Although your siding will have nailing slots already in it, sometimes it's necessary during installation to add a hole or expand an existing hole. A nail hole slot punch helps you do this.

Zip lock tool: This unlocking tool is used to remove or replace a panel of vinyl siding. You insert the curved end of the tool at the end of the pane and hook it into the back lip. By pulling down and sliding the tool along the length of the panel, you can disengage the lock between two panels. You also use this tool to relock a panel during installation.

Ladders and scaffolding: Most jobs will require at least a step ladder, and more complex jobs will call for extension ladders and even scaffolding in order to reach higher places on the side of your house.

With the right tools, you're prepared for the installation of vinyl siding.


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