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Both teams met Donald at Trump Park Avenue - a development of apartments where the penthouse would cost over $30 million dollars. Trump told the candidates that they would also get a chance to work in real estate. Each team would be charged with renovating a house in desperate need of repair. Each team would get a $20,000 budget to work with and just a few crucial days to complete this task. Professional appraisers would reassess the value of the homes once the time period elapsed. The team that increased their home's value by the highest percentage would win. The other team would lose a member as they faced The Donald in the boardroom.

Team Apex visited their house and took the grand tour. Kevin said that the place was "in shambles." Raj, the team's Project Manager, declared that their top priority would be adding a bathroom to the second floor. In addition, Raj said that they would remove one of the walls separating two of the bedrooms, creating a larger room. But both Kevin and Jennifer M. spoke up, saying they thought that it would be a mistake. Raj hired a contractor on Kevin's recommendation. But Raj worried that the contractor might not be able to get everything done in the short time they had. Not wasting any time, Raj put his body into his work and slammed himself into the wall that he wanted to bring down. Ivana and Kevin joined him in the demolition and soon, the wall was history.

Part of the renovation including updating the look of the home's exterior. Upon arrival at the home, it appeared very dingy from the outside. The previous owner had neglected the upkeep of the exterior and it looked as if the walls were rotting. Fortunately, the contractor was able to strip the dingy old wood siding and quickly adhere new vinyl siding to the outside. This dramatically changed the look of the exterior.

Raj worried as it came down to the wire. He asked the contractor, who was busy taking his lunch, if the new bathroom would be done in time. The contractor said, "Let us eat our tacos and we'll get back in there." In the last twenty minutes, the Apex team rushed to clean up. It was "complete chaos" with people knocking things over and spilling paint in the front yard. Raj again asked his contractor if the bathroom had been completed and he said yes. But when Raj went upstairs to check, he found a different story. Raj said that the contractor, "…had all of the appliances, the shower, the toilet, the vanity ready to be set, but it looked like nothing."

The day of reckoning came and the appraisers showed up to Mosaic's renovated home for the final walkthrough. Sandy gave them the tour and she showed off the full bathroom they had added to the upstairs. Later, Raj gave the appraisers a tour of the Apex property. However, on the way up the stairs, it was hard to ignore the new carpet, ruined by mud and paint. Once the appraisers got to the second floor, they were met with another surprise - the unfinished bathroom. Raj did his best to sell the new bathroom, saying that it might not look great, but that everything was in place. However, in an interview, Matthew said that it looked "terrible." Then Raj told everyone that he had knocked down a wall to turn the four bedroom home into a three bedroom place. Raj said, "I wished visually it looked as close as it really is." "Me too," said an appraiser.

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