Hiring a Reliable Siding Contractor

You've probably heard horror stories from friends and acquaintances about contractors who:

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  1. Took the money and ran,
  2. Didn't know what they were doing, or
  3. Trampled the garden, left cigarette butts on the doorstep, and uttered profanities in front of the children.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid these situations when the time comes to find a siding contractor. Follow these four pieces of advice to find a siding contractor you'll want to rave about.

  1. Shop around. Most experts recommend getting at least three written bids for a job. But don't base your decision solely on the contractor's estimated siding cost and installation bid. A significantly lower bid could indicate that the contractor is inexperienced, or that he has neglected to include all of the work or materials in the estimate.
  2. Get references. Three references may be standard for a job interview, but they may not be enough to get a full picture of your contractor. Someone who has been in business for awhile should provide you with a sizable list of people you can call.
  3. Look for a local address. He doesn't have to be your neighbor, but if he lives in your general community and has a physical address, you'll be able to track him down if necessary.
  4. Go with your gut. As CNN's Money Magazine warns, look out for contractors who seem sleazy. If you have an instinct that someone isn't trustworthy, you're probably right.

Your siding cost is an investment. By taking the time to find the right siding contractor, you'll ensure that your investment will pay off.



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