Smart Shoppers Can Find a Deal on Installing Vinyl Siding.

It's hard to say that there is a time of year when vinyl siding prices fluctuate. It's not so much seasonal differences that seem to affect costs, as it is situational differences.

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Do-It-Yourself Vinyl Siding

If you plan installing vinyl siding on your home yourself, this is entirely possible with not a lot of expertise. Many distributors offer quantity discounts, so plan to buy all of your materials at the same time to capitalize on that kind of incentive. In fact, overbuy a little so you have some replacement pieces if you ever need them.

Be Neighborly

If you notice that one of your neighbors is installing vinyl siding, ask the contractor for a bid when you walk by some day and be ready to make a purchase. While their crew is out in your neighborhood, they might as well work on a nearby house (yours!) as the work comes to a close. Ask for a discount, the worse they can say is, "No."

Sales and Rebates

You might notice from time-to-time there are sales and rebates being advertised on flyers that are distributed in your neighborhood. Call those contractors regardless if they advertise installing vinyl siding. If they are advertising an Energy Star rebate for replacement windows, that is what they are advertising but that is not all they do. Contractors who install vinyl siding are often general contractors who are able to perform many construction tasks. Call and ask if they can offer you a discount on vinyl siding or don't miss the sale: purchase some energy-efficient replacement windows and vinyl siding.

Don't try to look for the lowest cost and sacrifice quality. You will still want to work with an ethical, professional contractor who can supply you with a fair bid, backed up by quality craftsmanship.

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