Exterior Siding Installation Advice and Considerations

Few things can change the look of your home like a new exterior siding installation. However, there are some items you should take care of before installing your first piece of new siding, and something you should consider prior to making a decision on what type of siding you are going to use.

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Exterior Siding Installation Considerations

The first step in exterior siding installation is determining what type is best for your home. If you are thinking about a siding with the same approximate depth as your existing siding, then you should have an easy transition. However, if you are thinking about a brick or stone veneer, or even stucco on all or part of your exterior, then you might have to make some changes before you do any siding installing. You may have to change the depth of some of your exterior fixtures such as:

  • Light boxes, at your front or rear doors, and any spot lights you may have
  • Exterior electric outlets
  • Outside hose bibs (water faucets)
  • Vents such as dryer, bath, kitchen exhaust, or fresh air intake

Any fixture that you have coming through the exterior of your home where you plan to install brick, stone, or stucco should be adjusted for the new depth of the siding. This should be checked prior to deciding on an exterior finish, as some extensions may require quite a bit of work. You may also have to adjust some exterior trim.

Prevent Water and Air Intrusion Before You Install Siding

When you have removed your old siding, but before you have started your new exterior siding installation, take some time to check your house wrap, and all of your window and door flashing. This can be a perfect time to repair any possible places where there is a potential for moisture or air to get into your home. It might even be a good idea to install some new house wrap. With your old siding off, it should be a quick and inexpensive job.

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