DIY Vinyl Siding: Pros and Cons

When you want to install vinyl siding in your home you have two basic choices: you can purchase the materials and do the job yourself, or you can hire a vinyl siding contractor to do the work for you.

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The correct choice depends on your exact circumstances. You need to consider the size of the job, your overall budget, and your own ability to do the work. Make sure you understand the work involved and the costs before making your decision.

Advantages of Installing Vinyl Siding Yourself

The main advantage of a do it yourself siding project is the cost savings. In return for your time and work you can save money. You also have complete control of the project and can establish the timetable to work around your schedule.

Disadvantages of Installing Vinyl Siding Yourself

There is more to installing siding than buying the material and nailing it to the side of the house. If you do the project yourself you are responsible for pulling all the required permits, renting a dumpster for the project, and removing and disposing of the old siding. You need to make sure you have the skills and all the appropriate tools to do the job correctly. The quality of the final job is in your hands.

Advantages of Hiring a Vinyl Siding Contractor

If you hire a vinyl siding contractor to do the work the up-front cost will be more expensive, but your involvement will be minimal. You just need to decide on the brand, type, style and color of the siding, and the contractor will do the rest. You are paying the contractor for their expertise, and in return they handle the permits, the logistics, and all the little headaches that can come up during any home improvement job. You are also paying them for their experience and skill. By hiring a professional you should be assured of the highest quality standards for your new vinyl siding installation.

Whether you want to do the job yourself or hire a professional, the decision is yours. Just make sure you understand all the factors involved when making your choice.


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