Helpful Tips to Lower Your Siding Cost

You might be an experienced DIYer with a lot of home projects under your tool belt, but there's a good chance you've never installed vinyl siding on an entire home before. Your DIY experience with tools should be helpful, but there are more resources available that may keep you from making costly first-time installation mistakes. Before you start, consult these sources to avoid adding time to the project and contributing to your siding cost shooting beyond your budget.

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Available Resources to Keep your DIY Siding Cost Low

New home construction is still slow and while that's bad news for contractors it can be good news for you and your DIY vinyl siding project. Whether you have a vinyl siding project in Chicago, a vinyl siding project in Denver or in any large metro area, there's a good chance that if you take a drive, you'll find a vinyl siding contractor working on a home somewhere. Siding crews that were once too busy to talk due to all the work in front of them may now take time to answer your questions and give you advice on where to use various pieces of vinyl siding trim or tips for flashing a window correctly. A few other resources that may be of assistance:

  • Internet siding websites. Some siding and remodeling websites offer DIY vinyl siding installation tips and the opportunity to submit questions to experts in the field.
  • Siding Manufacturer websites. Vinyl siding manufacturers such as Mastic, CertainTeed, and Crane often have helpful online instruction and illustrations on how to use their vinyl siding trim.
  • Siding distributors. Sales personnel at retail outlets may have installation experience or enough interaction with siding contractors to be able to answer your vinyl siding installation questions.

Getting your questions answered before starting your DIY vinyl siding installation can help make the project move quickly and keep your siding cost to a minimum.

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