Cutting Vinyl Siding Installation Costs with DIY Removal

Hiring a contractor do your vinyl siding installation is wise unless you know what you're doing. Positioning starter strips, fitting around fixtures and windows, installing flashing, and properly using corner posts are all beyond most homeowners' expertise.

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But practically everyone can tear the old siding off the house. A few simple hand tools like tip snips, claw hammer, and a vinyl siding unlocking tool are all that's required except for a little elbow grease and a ladder.

Is tearing off the old vinyl siding a good idea when you're hiring a contractor to do the rest? It sure is, and here's why.

Save Money

Contractors bid jobs based on the amount of materials they'll need and the length of time it will take to get the job done. Tearing off old vinyl siding is time consuming and a big chunk of the time required to accomplish a vinyl siding installation job. The time you spend tearing the siding off yourself is less billable time for the contractor.

Get Some Exercise

Homeowners need to get outside and work once in awhile. Ask any physician and you'll get the same advice. In addition to saving money you get a healthy dose of exercise by tearing off your own siding instead of paying someone else to do it.

No Skill Required

Just make sure you're safe while doing it by handling tools properly, taking the time you need, and paying attention to potential dangers. Caution is much more important than specialized knowledge in a removal project.

Removing your own vinyl siding prior to a contracted vinyl siding installation can save you money and help keep you healthy. It's a great idea.



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