Practice Ladder Safety While Using a Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Every year thousands of people take a tumble from a ladder while attempting seemingly easy tasks such as cleaning their siding. Most people get up, brush off and look around to see if anyone was looking, and a bruised ego is the only casualty. Others fall and break an arm, twist ankles or suffer internal injuries.  Cleaning your siding is highly recommended, but you should be relatively comfortable on a ladder.

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Ladder of Success To Clean Vinyl Siding

Here's how to be careful while you're up the ladder:

  • Find a secure base. Don't climb a ladder that tilts to one side. The higher you go the more off-center you are and the greater the chance the ladder will give way.  You may have to ascend the ladder with vinyl cleaner and a brush, so begin with a secure base. Dig down a little into the ground if needed so the ladder feet are evenly balanced.
  • One full hand is enough. Keep one hand on the ladder at all times.  At most have your siding cleaner bottle in one hand and the brush in your utility belt.
  • Lean the ladder properly. If you feel like you're going to fall backwards off the ladder stop and reposition it against the house.
  • Maintain the ladder. Old wooden ladders have a tendency to look secure until a step breaks under your weight. Check it regularly for dry rot. Watch for slippery rungs on aluminum ladders due to spills and moisture.  Warning: Siding cleaners can be slick!
  • Avoid electrical lines. Under certain conditions electricity can arc from the line to you or your ladder. There's no formula for a safe distance.
  • Wear hard-soled shoes. Your feet will thank you for it.
  • Get some help. Have your spouse or a friend hold the ladder.  That siding cleaning job will go faster, and it might save you a spill. 

The rule for ladders is they're safe--if you use them safely. Clean vinyl siding isn't worth a disabling injury or death.

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