4 tips for installing log vinyl siding

Compared to real log siding, log vinyl siding is easier to install, requires less maintenance and better withstands the wear and tear usually associated with exterior wood siding. For the produce to perform as designed, carefully follow all the installation instructions provided by the siding manufacturer.

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Log vinyl siding installation tips

If you plan to install your new log vinyl siding yourself, here's what you need to know:

  1. Hang it on a wall that's covered with a breathable vapor barrier and some exterior-grade plywood sheathing. Although the siding is reinforced with rigid foam insulation, it still needs a strong, flat wall surface on which to hang.
  2. Similar to other types of horizontal vinyl siding, vinyl log siding is installed with a starter strip under the first course and specially shaped, J-channel trim pieces around doors and windows. These accessories help your siding repel rain water and provide a weather tight fit between the horizontal panels and the vertical trim pieces.
  3. Most log siding panels are 12 feet long, which means any course of siding longer than 12 feet will have seams. In this case, it's important the panel ends overlap each other so each seam remains weather tight when the vinyl contracts and expands due to outside air temperatures.
  4. When installing log siding panels on your home, make sure each panel locks into the adjacent one. This helps ensure a weather tight installation and keeps the horizontal rows of siding evenly spaced.

You should use scaffolding, extension ladders and an anchored safety rope when you're installing siding on a high wall. Oftentimes, it's easier to hang new siding with a helper because they can hold the panel in place while you attach it to the wall.

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